What the fuck is this site for anyway?

That’s the question I’m asking myself. Basically, I’m a busy dude with a bunch of active bands and ambition to be a comic book writer and between all of those endeavors, I often end spread thin and feeling scattered. Hence this site – an online place for me to dump all of the contents of my brain out and promote all the different releases, gigs, projects, etc. that I’m doing. I also wanted to revive the blog I did for Exhumed a few years back, but I didn’t want to limit it to stuff that was “Exhumed-related.” I enjoy writing about records that I’m a fan of, the evolution of the DM underground, and have occasionally dabbled in ill-advised think-pieces.

I wanted someplace where all of those things and more would make sense to post – as well as promoting all the junk I’m selling – I’m just being honest about what 90% of internet content is here.  So stay tuned here for more blogging about various things, musical and otherwise.

As far as what I’m currently doing – I just finished up working on the Pounder debut album, which will be called “Uncivilized” and will be out later this year on Shadow Kingdom / Hells Headbangers, I’m eagerly awaiting the beginning of the promo cycle for the new Gruesome record “Twisted Prayers,” and I’ve been developing a comic book script that’s inches away from being ready to pitch – which will be a new and more than likely extremely humbling experience for me. Hopefully years of being a musician have helped me grow accustomed to working intensely hard on something and really believing in it so that others can half-heartedly check it out and then say it was “okay.”

Beyond that, I’m working on another musical project – not a band at all – that’s more soundtrack-related. Details will come on that as it develops. I don’t want to jinx it as it’s sort of out of my wheel-house and quite ambitious in a very nerdy way.

At any rate, I’m going to document all of that here, and I’ll also be posting stuff about songwriting, the process of putting together a band and an album and stuff like that. So… yeah. This is just the sort “hello, I’m here” kind of thing to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for reading – Cheers!

Matt – March 2018

One thought on “What the fuck is this site for anyway?

  1. Matt Harvey, this post bears re-reading numerous times which I shall do. Your music and blogs are honestly awe inspiring and I’ll continue to be a fan of your works. Keep it coming, cheers as I drink while jamming to the masterpiece that is Death Revenge!!
    P.S…. Unspeakable may be my all time favorite song from Exhumed.


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