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November 18, 2020

Lots to report:

Dekapitator “We Will Destroy… You Will Obey” Vinyl Reissue via Diabolic Might Records – get it here!

Pounder “Breaking the World” out January 9th – pre-order here!

Exhumed “Horrific Expulsion of Gore” cassette reissue / T-shirt – pre-order here!

Exhumed appearing at Butlerfest benefit – get tickets here!

In other news, Exhumed are still idiots:

October 7, 2020

This Friday, October 9th, we have the second installment of the Exhumed Chiller Theater coming atchya live via our YouTube channel. Here’s all the details in the form of this exciting advertisement:

Horrorama, the anthology that features my short story The Vessel is OUT NOW via the Exhumed webstore, or you can grab it from the publisher or Amazon (paperback or kindle versions are available).  The nice folks at Decibel Magazine and Metal-Rules were nice enough to write about it as well.

Horrorama Cover

There are also some exciting (to me, anyway) things in the works for Exhumed, Pounder and yours truly as a solo artist. More updates on those things coming soon!

September 4, 2020

So, the big news here is that I’ve received my copies of Horrorama, the anthology from Grindhouse Press that features my first published short story, The Vessel. It’s available for purchase directly from yours truly via the Exhumed webstore, or you can grab it from the publisher or Amazon (paperback or kindle versions are available).

Horrorama Cover

If you’re wondering what the story is about, the back cover description sums it up pretty nicely:

“A cult, The Heralds of Celestial Ascendancy, is hellbent on reviving their dark god. All they need is a body for their Master to inhabit. When Elise Abbington wakes in the middle of the night to find herself feeling strange, little does she know, she’s on a crash course with the cult and a deprogrammer willing to do anything to stop their cause.”

In other horror-related news, the Exhumed lads and I are well on our way to launching our second Chiller Theater night on the official Exhumed YouTube channel, more news on that coming very soon!

On the Pounder front, we’ve approved all the artwork for our new record, but due to the pandemic, pressing the album will take longer than usual and our hopes to get our sophomore record out in 2020 have been dashed. The full details will be announced soon!

August 9, 2020

Hey! I really stink at updating this site, but… there also hasn’t been too much going on this year. Normally there are lots of tours to announce and so on, but… ya know how it is. There’s still some cool stuff happening though, so I felt like I should get into it here.

In my endless quest for more stuff to do, I’ve written a short horror story for Grindhouse Press that I’m quite excited about. My story, The Vessel will be published in October in an anthology with two other tales.

On the Pounder front, we’ve completed work on album #2, which will be announced imminently, so I won’t give too much away. The record continues to build on our staunchly traditional Heavy Metal style, but I think we’ve gotten better as a unit and the material is improving as well.

In the Exhumed camp, we’ve been focusing on developing our YouTube channel, with new music vids, a livestreamed horror movie night, guitar playthroughs and an official “Concert Movie.” We’ve got more fun stuff in the works for that as well, so please subscribe, comment, share, yadda yadda yadda.

I’ve also worked on some fun collaborations and guest spots during quarantine:

  • guest vocals for Dis-Kkrimination’s cover of “Warsystem” by the Shitlickers, a very cool raw D-beat project done here locallly in the San Luis Obispo area.
  • Contributed lyrics and vocals to the very fun “1 song a day in a different style” project Smoke and Mirrors – check out “Dying Day
  • Threw a solo on the “Quarantine Shred” project which also features a lot of pals

May 8, 2020

So everyone, how’s your 2020 going? That bad, huh? I feel ya. There’s even more bad news on the horizon, and I ain’t talkin’ about Murder Hornets. I talked Relapse into releasing one of the most self-indulgent split releases ever conceived – Exhumed and Gruesome together on one pulsating protoplasmic platter of twisted horror. In fact, that’s the title of the record, “Twisted Horror,” an ever-so-clever nod to both bands’ most recent full-length albums. On June 5th, You’ll get 3 new Exhumed tracks and 2 new bangers from Gruesome. Pre-order the record here.

Here’s the first single, “A Mind Decayed” from Gruesome.

Here’s the second single, “Rot Your Brain” by Exhumed.

In other news – all of our tours are canceled. But you knew that already. But don’t despair, we’ve got new and exciting swag at our webstore.

“Horror” has been released on cassette by the good folks at Headsplit records and we have a few for sale, direct from the band. Grab one while supplies last!

Speaking of cassettes, we also have the cassette release of Gruesome’s EP “Fragments of Psyche,” available exclusively at our webstore. Check it out!

Since we can’t play any shows for the foreseeable future, we’re working on a bunch of stuff for our YouTube channel – you should definitely subscribe!

Normally I’d be gabbing about whatever tours were coming up now, but there are none. Suffice it to say, we’re at least as bummed about it as you are. In the meantime, there will be more news here soon, but in the meantime, creep on creepin’ on, boils and ghouls!