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January 15, 2022

I finished a tune that I posted on my Youtube channel for laughs. This was the first piece of music I finished in 2022, so… feast your ears on it and you can ignore the “video” which is just a screen-grab of the DAW and the various midi tracks, etc. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case, watch away.

January 1st, 2022

As usual, I’m very behind as far as updating this site. Here’s some highlights from fall / winter though:

I completed music for two short film projects:

This one was a lot of fun since I got to play around with a couple of Philip Glass’s iconic themes from the original Candyman as well as do the chase scene, which presented some cool opportunities musically.
This project came about because it was directed by Kobe Gomez, the nephew of my old buddy (and original Exhumed drummer) Col Jones. I had a fairly free hand in the musical sections which became sort of a spaghetti Western meets Fantasy kind of thing.

You can check out some of the latest interviews I’ve done here:

Will Carroll and I spoke to Decibel Magazine about the new Scarecrow EP Raise the Death’s Head

Before Exhumed set off on our “Worming Through America” tour I sat down with New Noise to chew the fat about it.

I talked with the Metal Crypt about some great records that turned 40 in 2021.

I discussed my solo album Last Son of Krypton with the always thorough and insightful Tanner Poppit on his “Poppit’s Corner” podcast

I talked rock and shock with the Horror Flicks and Guitar Picks podcast, which was a fun trip down memory lane.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the week I spent in Florida for the Chuck Schuldiner tribute show I did with Terry Butler, James Murphy and Gus Rios (Gruesome). Playing Spiritual Healing in its entirety with James and Terry was truly an honor, not to mention a lot of fun. There’s some great photos and videos to check out here.

Lastly but not leastly, Exhumed has unleashed our latest single “Worming” on vinyl, which you can order here. If you haven’t listened to it yet, just click below.

August 26th, 2021

Today marks the release of my first solo album and my first public venture into the world of creating soundtrack / soundscape music. You can pre-order the digipak CD, check it out on bandcamp, youtube, and stream it via the usual suspects (Spotify, Apple Music, yadda yadda).

Here’s the official PR announcement:

MATT HARVEY (EXHUMED, GRUESOME) presents: Last Son of Krypton. Heavily inspired by the comics of his youth and the Superman universe, Last Son of Krypton serves as a backdrop to Harvey’s take on a world of heroes, villainy, justice, and more.

MATT HARVEY comments:

“I love storytelling and music and it was really exciting to undertake a project that combines those two things. The album was mostly composed during 2020 and ended up being my attempt to combat the omnipresent doom and gloom of the year. Creating the record was a hell of a journey, and I humbly invite you to come along for a ride through my imagination.”

Featuring 14 instrumental tracks arranged by Harvey in their entirety, Last Son of Krypton features dramatic orchestral arrangements fit for the silver screen – the storytelling is palpable; each track scoring a hero’s journey of mythic proportions. A compelling listen for lovers of comics and science fiction, Last Son of Krypton was made by a die-hard comic fan for fellow die-hards worldwide!

May 6th 2021 – I’ve been hard at work on Exhumed record #8 (I’m as surprised as anyone that number is so high!) and have been polishing up a solo album that I’m now in the process of re-working for a second time (self-indulgence level 1 thrillion, I know). I’m also working on getting the Scarecrow stuff that Will, Damien, Bud and I recorded late last year released – more on that soon.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping busy speaking with different folks about different stuff for their various podcasts. I’ve recently embarked on the deepest of deep dives into my “career” with the estimable Tanner Poppit from SoCal deathrash rippers Madrost. In addition to being a gnarly guitarist / vocalist, he’s a very patient interviewer – we discussed literally every record I’ve done in a fair amount of depth. It was exhaustive, but fun. Here’s the first two segments in case you’re a glutton for punishment:

Part 2 can be found here

January 29, 2021 -A new year is upon us, and I think we all hope it will be a better one. I’m hitting the ground running this year with the new Pounder coming out today! You can grab it at the trusty Exhumed webstore now!
“out to conquer the world one fist-bangin’, catchy-chorused song at a time” – decibel
Breaking The World just oozes traditional heavy metal” –
8/10 –
“A total ripper of thundering glory”- nattskog metal blog
“it is impossible not to stress neck muscles while listening” 8/10 – markus’ heavy music blog
“If you grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal in the late 70s and early 80s like I did, then you’re gonna love this cos Pounder capture all the styles and sounds that made many a youthful rocker smile” 5/5 –
“This album takes what they did on the debut and cranks it up a few notches” 4.4/5 –
8.510 –

The debut album from Dekapitator, “We Will Destroy… You Will Obey” is back on vinyl from our German pals at Diabolic Might Records as well and I have some that just arrived from Germany available in… you guessed it – the Exhumed webstore.

Aside from that, I’m currently hard at work on Exhumed album #8 and Gruesome album #4. That’s taking up pretty much all of my very limited spare time. Since last time I checked in here, Exhumed has unleashed a 2020 concert movie for streaming and download, “Goreified at the Grind Guignol,” and I’ve finalized a deal for my first solo album, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Metal or horror, but will be released in the next couple of months.